Titan Academy Chapter 7

Chapter 7: A Substitute (2)

She pulled me into another room. There I saw a walk-in closet that was full of clothes and other expensive things. There was a full-length mirror, personal products on the long table, and above all, there’s a white bath tub.

The bath is in the middle of the room, for Pete’s sake!

“Remove your clothes. Hurry please.” Miss Aura said while facing a cabinet, probably looking for suitable clothes for me to wear.

“It’s good that we have the same size. You are a bit taller but this will do,” she said while taking undergarments out and throwing them over the cream-colored sofa by the corner. After that, she went to her shoe rack which stood tall almost as high as the ceiling. There she looked for shoes in the section where the word ‘black’ was written.

“I don’t know if this fits you, though your feet look small, anyway.” she said while still not noticing that I was just standing there. She then went to the telephone and dialed.

“Bring a senior’s uniform, size B. Whole set.” She said to the other line. When she finished, she turned to me. Her small forehead frowned when she saw me still on my clothes.

“Dear, we need to hurry. Go ahead and strip down. We still have a lot—” She stopped when she saw the expression on my face. “Oh,” she continued. “You aren’t accustomed to have someone with you bathing?”

What kind of question is that? Of course, I’m not used to it. Who would want to take a bath in an open area like this ‘spacious walk in closet’ with a woman that ‘looked like a member of a royal family’?

“But your hair won’t be properly washed and your body won’t be thoroughly cleaned if you don’t have someone with you?” She said with a thoughtful expression.

Is it really like this in here? Is it a must to have someone with you when just bathing? Is it normal for someone to wash your own hair and body? No!

“Don’t worry this won’t happen every day.” she said as if reading my thought.

She looked at my muddy coat and pants and even my shoes that’s destroying the splendid view of the marbled floor.

“It’s only for today because Principal Bins wants you to be presentable to the other students.”

So, it’s all for the sake of the other students. They’re right, though. I was simply a devastation to the perfect atmosphere of this school.

“Okay.” was my only answer.

I began to strip my clothes off until only the undergarments were left. Miss Aura set the tub and placed something with a nice fragrance on the water. It smelled like fresh flowers. Then, a moment later the water started to bubble and so I plunged myself in.

“Here’s the scrub, shampoo―” She said while taking out many things from the small drawer next to the tub. “Body wash, soap, conditioner…” She’s really so hyper considering it’s still four o’clock in the morning. On the other hand, I felt like sleeping instead.

I immersed myself in the water and almost yielded to my drowsiness. When I clambered, there’re already two new people in the room looking at me. They were wearing navy blue and white uniform. They were maids.

“Here is the complete uniform, Miss Aura.” the taller one announced. They were looking towards Miss Aura’s direction.

She smiled. “Thank you.” Then she faced me. “Go ahead. You can start.”

The two servants carefully put down the uniform next to the things on the sofa. I noticed that it wasn’t only a single pair of uniform, there were three pairs. There’s a regular uniform, a pleated navy blue skirt and white long sleeve blouse; a jogging pants and t-shirt, and a coat and boots.

The two servants then walked towards me. One of them went for my head and the other to my feet. I was stunned-muted. What the hell do they think they’re doing?

The one by my head was applying shampoo on me. I felt bubbles bulging on my head, while the other one grabbed my foot and began to scrub.

“Your skin looks rough. What soap and lotion are you using?” Asked Miss Aura while watching by the side.

“I don’t use anything.” I answered while trying to ignore whatever they’re doing with my body.

“Oh,” Miss Aura said as if she heard a trivia. Did she just find out that there are people who do not use anything when cleaning themselves? That there are those who are not as immaculate as her?

“Well then, you need these things.” She went to a cabinet and looked up. She couldn’t reach it. She slightly frowned and its door suddenly opened and then objects started floating down. So, she had the ability to move objects at her own will.

She took a paper bag and the objects flew into it. “Sorry, it’s one of the exceptions in this room.” she said to the two servants.

This time I frowned. “Exceptions?”

She raised her brows. “Oh, right. Rules. You also need to know the rules here.”

She sat on the smaller sofa and crossed her legs in a very elegant way. “Because you won’t stay that long, you only need to know the basics. One, you never use your ability unless you are required to do so in classes and trainings, or in exceptional instances. These exceptional or special instances should be reported to the Principal immediately. Every student has the logo of Titan Academy on their garments, even pajamas or simply clothes you wear at home. That way, the school can monitor if someone uses their abilities when shouldn’t be. There are also Head Students to monitor what happens inside and outside of classes.”

“How about my ability? I can’t prevent it if I can feel danger around me.”

“That falls under the special circumstances. Don’t worry you are registered with the Principal. You can use it all you want.” she replied with a smile.

They continued laundering me. It took almost an hour to scrub the hell out of me. I felt like a raw chicken afterwards. When they‘re done washing, they dried my hair and fixed it. Fixing included a pair of scissors to adjust my uneven hair.

They also made me lather something oily on my skin. Then they trimmed my eyebrows and nails and everything that’s done in a salon. When they’re finished, I wore the uniform that they brought and stood by the mirror.

Whoa! Who is this girl?

I looked at myself in the mirror―the perfect hair, the olive skin, the almost perfectly smooth face. I touched myself just to be sure it’s really my body. This was so much worse than I had expected.

“You happy?” Miss Aura asked excitedly. Even the two servants smiled when they saw my reaction. In their eyes, I was very happy to the point that I couldn’t believe it.

I’m not happy. I look fake. I look like a freaking manufactured person. Shia Sheridan of Hesperia is gone.

(ED: Barbie?)

“You will get used to it. Don’t worry. As for now, I will show you to your room. You just need to continue the earlier routines and be as presentable as everyone.” she said as an afterthought.

“Let’s go. It’s almost 6:00. The breakfast is at 6:30.” We went out of her room while leaving the two servants to clean up things.

What kind of place is this?

Is there really such a wasteful place in Hesperia? Do these folks know that the people from town have barely enough food to fill their stomachs?

Do they even recognize that the prices of the things they casually throw away are enough to feed a family or two for a month or even a year?

I doubt that they know anything.

These people, being sheltered by this place, were made ignorant of the real world.

Staying in this same place made me hate everything even more.


Author’s Note:

Shia is the substitute for Corrine. Yeah, right. Next update will be about the first day of Shia as an official student of Titan Academy and as the new member of Gin’s group. Hmm, speaking of Gin and Corrine, what’s up with those two?

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5 thoughts on “Titan Academy Chapter 7”

  1. Thanks for the double chapter.

    Looks like I was more or less spot on; they absolutely need a living radar/sonar system to help them with whatever hell awaits in the “Hunger Games”.

    While the MC might hate the situation and vast difference in lifestyle, I’m kind of hoping there’s another side to the vast gulf between the haves and have-nots that gives the MC a bit of a mental crisis on that front (basically; the living conditions aren’t black and white).

    That aside, I’m wondering how long until her wall of reservation breaks down and she ends up falling for “the enemy” (a fellow student).

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes it’s like in the Harry potter world. Actually, the Special Abilities section is the weakest section in their magic world. But this book only focuses on the special abilities. And you will know in the later chapters how the special abilities are formed.


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