She Died

She Died – Chapter Thirteen

Nom-nom-nom-nom... Chapter Thirteen is here! Chapter Thirteen “Hello!” Eris waved at Gazelle when they arrived at the gate after their classes. "H-hello!" Gazelle was nervous since she doesn't know the three people standing in front of her. Plus, Eros, the campus' bad boy, was the one who invited her. She was afraid to reject him,… Continue reading She Died – Chapter Thirteen

She Died

She Died – Chapter Twelve

Another character is introduced! Let's see how this will play-out kittens! Here's Chapter Twelve, marking the half of the story. Have a blast meows~! Don't forget to share your thoughts later.   CHAPTER TWELVE “Are you not happy Eros?” “What should I be happy about? To be a cupid? You even want to play cupid,… Continue reading She Died – Chapter Twelve

She Died

She Died – Chapter Eleven

Kittens, we would like to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to comment, promise we won’t bite. So here’s another chapter to dig your teeth into. Nyahahaha! Meow~!    Chapter Eleven   “I hung my shirt inside the comfort room; I washed the part where the ice cream spilled.”  Eros went out from the comfort room… Continue reading She Died – Chapter Eleven

She Died

She Died – Chapter 10

TL note: From Chapter Ten on wards, the author (HaveYouSeenThisGirl) announced that she’ll be writing in third person point of view.  So brace yourselves for some changes kittens! So here’s another chapter to gobble up! Chapter Ten “O—kay! Let’s start!” “Huh? What do you mean by ‘let’s start’? Start what? And why are you wearing… Continue reading She Died – Chapter 10

She Died

She Died – Chapter 9

Chapter Nine   Eris Jane Trinidad “O!” I was surprised when someone handed me a burger. “Eros!” I felt happy to see him again. I waited almost half an hour here on the rooftop. “O!” he held the burger nearer, I stood up from the floor where I was sitting and took the burger that… Continue reading She Died – Chapter 9

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