She Died


CHAPTER SIXTEEN "Eros! Hey Eros Magdayo!" "Hey Eros, Eris is outside. She’s calling you. Should I let her in? She look and sounds irritated. Did you do something wrong?" Eros was lying on his bed when his Ate Risa knocked on his door. "I heard her shout Ate, don’t let her in. I will go… Continue reading SHE DIED – CHAPTER SIXTEEN

She Died


Chapter 15 “Oh Eros, you're already here, you're quite early—" “Don’t disturb me, I’m going to study!” Eros shouted, cutting off the greeting of his elder sister Risa. He went directly to his room and closed the door loudly which surprised the people in the house. Because his teacher said that he copied, he challenged… Continue reading SHE DIED – CHAPTER FIFTEEN

She Died


Hello Nyans! Long time no post! I'm sorry for the long wait.. so here's: Chapter 14   “How did it go?” *pak!* "AAHH! Ouch!" Yohanne was surprised when a heavy hand slapped his back while he was sitting. “Why is it that while you are asking me it's as if you're trying to kill me?… Continue reading SHE DIED – CHAPTER FOURTEEN

She Died

She Died – Chapter 8

Kittens enjoy! Chapter Eight   Eris Jane Trinidad “Hmm, is Eros already awake?” I placed my index finger on my chin while walking towards Eros’s house. I was already wearing the uniform that was given to me by her sister. Eros and I are going back to school! Yehey!1  I miss going to school. When I… Continue reading She Died – Chapter 8

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