The Señorita


16 – Señorita Almira Tammy woke up inside an unfamiliar room. “Hija, how are you?” Aling Simang who was sitting beside her, was the one who asked. Opposite her stood Doña Elena and Señorita Almira, similarly guarding at the foot of the bed. From their faces, worry could be made out. Tammy tried to bring… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 16

The Señorita


15 – Casa de Izquierdo “Hija, can you accompany me to Casa de Izquierdo?” This was how Aling Simang greeted Tammy when the latter went to the kitchen after waking up from her afternoon nap. There, in the kitchen, she arrived just when the older woman was eating snacks. “Yes po, Aling Simang,” she said… Continue reading THE SENORITA Chapter 15

The Señorita


14 – A visitor Aling Simang had come back after attending the wedding of her niece. It was fortunate that she didn’t notice the bruises and wounds of the four young men who fought against Aron Sarrael’s group. They were no longer subjected to those students’ harassment. The four boys could now breathe in relief.… Continue reading THE SENORITA Chapter 14

The Señorita


13 – Celebration Tammy went home with the rest of her newly found friends with their arms slung around each other. They didn’t pay heed to the injuries and bruises they got from the face-off against the Spanish students headed by Aron Sarrael. After this incident, courage and strengthened willpower shook off their initial fear.… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 13

The Señorita


12 – The Face-Off The day concluded with Tammy coming up with a plan together with the four young men. They couldn’t say for sure if it would prove effective. However, they felt that there's nothing to lose by trying it, and so their mentality shifted to the possibility of easing up everything and chasing… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 12

The Señorita


11 – The Plan Tammy decided to stop thinking about what happened between her and Manuel. Another day went by and she returned to her house-helper life with Tetay. She sighed in relief since Tetay turned out to be a fine helper. There were just some instances when the latter couldn’t not think of Emilio.… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 11

The Señorita


10 – The Touch   Tammy rushed in to the living room and caught up with Juan and Manuel who were now sitting side by side on the chairs. Dario was already there beside Manuel, describing to everyone what had taken place. “We were on our way back when Alfonso’s group came upon us. They… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 10

The Señorita


8 – Unusual Way of Living Tammy was occupied the whole day in helping Aling Simang manage the dormitory. She learned how to do household chores in this era and consequently realized that household chores in the modern times were easier compared to this time. How she missed using dish-washing liquid in washing plates, glasses… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 8

The Señorita


TL's note: Good day. The chapter title this time is 'Nakakapanibago' in tagalog. I had a hard time finding its English equivalent so for the meantime I'll settle with the one below but if somebody can give me a better suggestion, feel free to comment it down. Also if there's any typo or grammar error,… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 7

She Died


CHAPTER SIXTEEN "Eros! Hey Eros Magdayo!" "Hey Eros, Eris is outside. She’s calling you. Should I let her in? She look and sounds irritated. Did you do something wrong?" Eros was lying on his bed when his Ate Risa knocked on his door. "I heard her shout Ate, don’t let her in. I will go… Continue reading SHE DIED – CHAPTER SIXTEEN