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Written by AnakniRizal The Peculiar’s Tale Raws Category: Fantasy, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Shoujo, Why do people want to see the future? To change it? Or to prevent something bad from happening? People want to see their future because they believe that there are greater thing set for them. They dream big and expect that something… Continue reading THE PECULIAR’S TALE

The Friendly Wedding

By: FrustratedGirlWriter The Friendly Wedding Raws A man-hater named Sapphire married a super ‘friendly’ guy named Johann for the sake of getting her inheritance. The two of them got along. She exempted him from her wrath against men. This is because they are ‘Friends’. Until almost every day he was always topless inside their house.… Continue reading The Friendly Wedding

Lucifer’s Academy

Written by Animeaddict Lucifer’s Academy Genres: Adventure, Action Raw I’m Neferipitou Iceah Freecs and I’m cool as my name. I beat up so many people that they went straight to the hospital because of trying to mess with me. Yes, they do indeed. That’s why my father decided to transfer me to a new school to… Continue reading Lucifer’s Academy


By AngHulingBaylan K A L I S K I S Raw Novel Updates Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural, Mystery It’s the start of summer vacation. This is the time most-awaited by Roselda. Finally, she can wander again along the beach to gather shells and conches. But on that particular summer, she found something more than a pretty shell… Continue reading Kaliskis

The Señorita

By pinayblonde The Señorita raw Synopsis: The Señorita, also known as La Señorita. It was a painting of a maiden wearing a baro’t saya – Filipinos’ traditional collarless blouse paired with a long wrap-around skirt. The said painting seemed old. The colors appeared like they would fade away at any moment. And even the golden frames… Continue reading The Señorita

One Shot Stories

  Secret Potion by amazingvahn Lamp Post by Luisa Rose Earphone by YoullNeverFindMe Paper Planes by wistfulpromise Part One Part Two One Wish For Christmas by Luisa Rose   A Daughter’s Hatred by xxdeprimido Sneak Peek Gone Untitled September Night by Luisa Rose Love and Time  The Mats by Francisco Arcellana The Witch by Edilberto… Continue reading One Shot Stories

Let Me Tell You, Allen

Let Me Tell You, Allen (Sequel of 11 Ways To Forget Your Ex Boyfriend) What is between life and death? I’ve asked this question a lot of times but only one person gave me the not the exact answer I’m looking for but the most accurate one. I met a girl, she met me. And… Continue reading Let Me Tell You, Allen

A Romantic Gesture

Written by Josie Salazar A. R. G. (A Romantic Gesture) fan-translated by: whosays25 ws25’s Synopsis: They met to stage a deceitful act. Because she was desperate for his house. While he was looking for a fiancee. For these two people’s hearts to unite, and for his own search of his long lost beautiful memory, a certain deceased… Continue reading A Romantic Gesture

The Monster Inside Of My Bed

By FreakNaPusa The Monster Inside Of My Bed raw How could you love someone if he’s from the past and you are from the present? Two different people from two different timelines. Where season and time are their enemies. Would that kind of love have a happy ending? *** translator’s synopsis: She is free. He… Continue reading The Monster Inside Of My Bed

Forlorn Madness

Written by Direk_Whamba Forlorn Madness Raw Category: Fantasy, Action, Horror, Thriller, Humor, Mystery, Vampire Hio is a rich boy that was brought into the orphanage because their family went bankrupt. Seven years passed since then. Living in a poor community and having all women near him mysteriously killed. What mystery lies ahead of him? *****… Continue reading Forlorn Madness

Hidden Inside The Academy

By penpaperandme Hidden Inside The Academy Raw Novel Updates To hide has a purpose, to show has its cost. THE ACADEMY I do not acquire what they required. I think I’m lost I don’t belong in their world I feel empty, Isolated, Cold, Lifeless, Blank, Black. In this Academy, I consider myself a freak. TABLE… Continue reading Hidden Inside The Academy

School of Myths

By chufalse School of Myths 📖 Raw 📖 Prologue School of Myths, a school where certain beings study, they were called Mythical Shamans. The school was located in a place where no one would be willing to visit. Because this place was believed to be a nesting ground for evil creatures. Though the school and its students… Continue reading School of Myths

She Died

By HaveYouSeenThisGirl She Died (Author’s summary) A clichè story about a good girl and a bad boy. Eros is a rebel and one day he met Eris, an angel (literally). She must save him to save herself. A fantasy romance story that will teach you lots of lessons in life. He didn’t believe in God,… Continue reading She Died