The Señorita


16 – Señorita Almira Tammy woke up inside an unfamiliar room. “Hija, how are you?” Aling Simang who was sitting beside her, was the one who asked. Opposite her stood Doña Elena and Señorita Almira, similarly guarding at the foot of the bed. From their faces, worry could be made out. Tammy tried to bring… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 16

Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 60

Everyone, The second half of the chapter, Choice. The plot thickens as the opening of the cup arrives. “WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL OPENING DAY OF THE 23rd LINUS CUP!” Come click this way! TL: seiji Ed: nier

Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 59

Hello everyone, I'm back! Titan Academy is also back in action. So here's chapter 59 Enjoy!

Lucifer's Academy

Lucifer’s Academy Chapter 0 (part 2)

I'm sorry, there's no excuse for me to post this so late so here it is. I'm really sorry for those people who want to read this earlier. m(_ _)m Part 1 “Pitou, wake up!” called a person who has the guts to disturb my deep sleep. I stood up with sleepy eyes and a… Continue reading Lucifer’s Academy Chapter 0 (part 2)

The Señorita


15 – Casa de Izquierdo “Hija, can you accompany me to Casa de Izquierdo?” This was how Aling Simang greeted Tammy when the latter went to the kitchen after waking up from her afternoon nap. There, in the kitchen, she arrived just when the older woman was eating snacks. “Yes po, Aling Simang,” she said… Continue reading THE SENORITA Chapter 15

Titan Academy Of Special Abilities

Titan Academy Chapter 58

Hello everyone! Titan Academy is back again! It's been a while since the last update. Sorry that it took a while. I hope you're still with us. Here's Chapter 58 Enjoy reading! TL: camsecret


Kaliskis Chapter 11.1

Excerpt from Chapter 10: …When her fairy’s tiny hands reached, there was a glaring light. Then images of mortals appeared inside. They seemed to be having fun. "Managat," called Sarikit. She was frightful to the images so she held the merman’s hand tightly. "Do not be afraid, Sarikit." He watched the mortals on the display… Continue reading Kaliskis Chapter 11.1

The Señorita


14 – A visitor Aling Simang had come back after attending the wedding of her niece. It was fortunate that she didn’t notice the bruises and wounds of the four young men who fought against Aron Sarrael’s group. They were no longer subjected to those students’ harassment. The four boys could now breathe in relief.… Continue reading THE SENORITA Chapter 14

Filipino Top

Top 10 Filipino Wattpad Writers of All Time (January 2018)

1. jonaxx Followers: 1, 943, 926 A famous romance writer in wattpad. Most of her works reach more than 10 million readers. With her work Mapapansin Kaya being in the 1st place with 75, 744, 249 reads which already has been published in hard copy under PopFiction, Every Beast Needs A Beauty in 2nd place with 71, 936, 376… Continue reading Top 10 Filipino Wattpad Writers of All Time (January 2018)

The Señorita


13 – Celebration Tammy went home with the rest of her newly found friends with their arms slung around each other. They didn’t pay heed to the injuries and bruises they got from the face-off against the Spanish students headed by Aron Sarrael. After this incident, courage and strengthened willpower shook off their initial fear.… Continue reading THE SEÑORITA Chapter 13