Random: Wars and Prediction

Just sharing my cousin’s work. Peace sign to everyone.

Jeepney Passenger Translations

Uh-uh, a random post for this random day.

It’s been a while. And I am in the mood to post an update so I am here. Haha. So here’s my story to share.

Last night I was chatting with my friend when she suddenly introduced me an FB page called Deep Web Enigma. The page was very interesting, the admin posted several articles and posts tackling sensitive topics like religion, terrorism and wars. One of the authors mentioned how the Second Coming of Christ is nearing as revealed by many factors like Illuminati, man-made catastrophes, HAARP and such. Of course those things listed were mainly discussed in the Revelations. Since I’m not very informed about the matter, I don’t want to comment about these things but I can say the relation about these factors and how the author connected everything made me curious. Not on that particular article but on…

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Real Title: A Romantic Gesture

Haha, thanks everyone for putting up patience for me. Actually I misplaced the book so I wasn't able to find it for quite a long time. Now I saw it hidden in one of my sister's cabinet. She found it yet didn't return to  me, ahaha, such cute 'good sister'. Well, here's the epilogue now … Continue reading Real Title: A Romantic Gesture

Way 3.2

Sorry for the late update. It was holy week so I took a rest and plan to resume after. But then my sister broke my laptop and I'm broke so it took me a while to fix it. So without further a do.. here is Way 3.2. Hope you enjoy!