The Monster Inside Of My Bed

The Monster Inside My Bed

By FreakNaPusa

How could you love someone if he’s from the past and you are from the present?

Two different people from two different timeline.

Where season and time is their enemy.

Would that kind of love may have a happy ending?

seiji96 here~~ this will be my side project. A short story. It is only 17 chapters. I think I will update it either twice a week or once a week. I hope you will support this story.

This stroy will give you a different kind of flavor to your taste.

The Monster Inside Of My Bed


3 thoughts on “The Monster Inside My Bed”

    1. Actually this story doesn’t have that many readers yet. It is still undiscovered. But I like the story. It’s new and unique to me. The book 2 is more amazing than the book 1. There are more plots and twists to the story. It is also longer.


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