Titan Academy Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The Seer (2)

“You really are something, aren’t you?” Luna said with a smile while treating my injuries.

Compared to the alcohol and medicine a while ago, my injuries seemed to be in a time lapse because of her ability. She could heal a wound ten times better and faster if she’s the one who did the procedure.

“It’s the first time someone injured Gin in their first try,” she said with a laugh. Her necklace clatters every time she moved. “And the first girl,” she added with amusement. “And you tend to counter his every decision. It looks like Cain is right. This is the best group so far.”

I want to laugh at what she said. Best group? BEST GROUP!? Does she know that their Captain almost killed me? Just so he’d be sure I wouldn’t be a headache and follow what he wanted!

“How did you even know that?” I asked. “You were not here earlier.”

“I met Corrine and Gin in the corridor,” she answered.

I can’t help but scoff. What’s with those two? “They have this thing going on since last year.” My attention is gone from my wounds because of what Luna said. I found myself listening involuntarily.

“There was no formal agreement but everybody knows they’re inseparable,” she nodded as if agreeing with her own statement. “Anyways, I’ve always been fascinated by your special ability,” she continued, still focusing her attention on my injuries.

“It’s a wonder how you can control your senses. Like you have your own anesthesia. But you know what’s deadly about this?” She continues talking and did not care if I’m listening or not. “You will never know if your body is in its limit. You can die without even knowing it.”

“I’m not that stupid,” I muttered.

She laughs. “But you’re hard-headed,” she said, amused.

Minutes passed and we’re still in the training room, as she healed me and didn’t stop talking, I lost interest in listening to her and starts to feel sleepy because of her healing me. I still haven’t slept since last night. When will this day end?

“Hey, Shia. Let’s go.” I wake up and went back to the present time as Luna stood in front of me.

“Where are we going? Aren’t we going to wait for them here?” I asked. And I’m also lazy to go out and see the nonsensical world above.

“Aren’t you hungry?” She asked. “Let’s go.” She pulled me and there I noticed that I was completely free of injury.

We went out of the training room and returned above. The light above was dazzling. Far from the dungeon-like atmosphere in the training room. The hallway now is quiet. No students roam. They are probably in the classrooms.

What about the other members of the group are they also in their respective classrooms? I can’t imagine them listening to the teachers. Because of their bickering and noise as if there’s no tomorrow. We walked silently towards the Breakfast Hall. I still can’t get over with the carpeted hallway and chandeliers. I heard some voices of teachers in the rooms that we passed.

“What are you studying here?” I asked in a simple manner.

“A lot of stuff. But the seniors now are mostly studying about careers. You know about UBSL, right?”

I stopped. It’s been a long time since I heard that word. It was back when I was still studying in the town because they mentioned it almost every day. The Unified Bureau for Special Laborers. It’s those few people in the Magic World who were permitted to go out to the normal world for a special job. They accept contracts for government, organizations, and individuals. I knew some people who went to the normal world.

“One of the goals of Titan Academy is for the graduate students to work in the UBSL. That is the most prestigious outside world organization in the Magic World so far. For now, the rate to pass and have the chance to work is 15 percent. Very low even for a high-ranking organization like this. The exams there are fair. It doesn’t matter if you are a fifty years old veteran or an eighteen years old fresh graduate from an Academy. You’ll all go in the same procedure.”

‘At least there still some who passed,’ I answered silently. If I think about it I can’t reach that level. To be a part of USBL. Only the high-ranking people are there. Maybe one of the teachers here, or high ranking officials like Principals or Heads, or members of the Magic Council. As for now, there are three levels of employment here.

The informal workforce, that’s us, those who don’t have advanced training. The recognized workforce, the graduates of Academies and other institution. And the UBSL.  The people who can go to the normal world to work.

“That’s why we are somewhat lucky.” Luna continued talking while we were walking. “Almost all the groups who wins in the Linus Cup have a privilege acceptance in the UBSL.”

I suddenly stopped and faced her. “Oh?”

She wondered at my reaction. “That’s one of the prizes in the Cup. You can’t be thinking that we are only fighting there and risk our life for a mediocre competition. This is serious business, Shia.”

We quietly walk after that. Now it’s clear to me. That’s why the reactions of the other students are like that when they see the group. They also wanted this. And they are looking at future people who, if they are lucky to survive, will be part of a prestigious organization.

“The pressure is always on,” Luna added.

We almost reached the Hall when she suddenly stopped. I wondered and also stopped like her.


She suddenly covered my mouth before I even finished my sentence. She pulled me into a corner near the window. She went behind the thick curtain and pulled me inside.

“What is wrong with—!” I hissed. But I was suddenly stunned to silence as to what I saw next.

“Headmaster Grey can’t see us loitering in the corridor especially after what happened earlier,” she whispered just a few inches before my ears.

As if on cue, Headmaster Grey passed in front of us. But that’s not what really made me dumbfounded. Gin followed him walking. Their faces were serious and look like they were talking. The Headmaster looks calm but his aura is telling me otherwise. He seems to be restraining himself from shouting at Gin and from being angry.

“… such a disappointment.” I heard the Headmaster say. “I’m expecting a lot from you, Gin. I don’t have an incompetent son.” I froze. Wait, son?

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      1. Can’t relate about the iced or warm gin (Is this alcoholic drink?). Haha, if it’s still about the story, then I think Shia can enjoy the Iced Gin by herself and I better stay on the sidelines as spectator. XD

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      2. I think its not about Gin anymore. I think the story moved on to Vodka and Tea. And I don’t know what I’m talking about anymore.

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