Announcement, She Died


Hello kittens!

I’ll be picking up She Died and continue translating this wonderful story. It was last updated last April 14, 2017 and since it has long passed the three months rule of no updates and announcements, we at sharramycats would like to adopt this cute baby kitten. The prologue and chapters 1-7 were translated by orientslady and was hosted in Fantasy-Books ( I have already contacted orientslady but she has not graced me with a reply yet. I’ll be continuing where she left of. So from Chapter 8 on wards, I’ll be your host (Meow~). To read the previous chapters click the link I provided below. Enjoy! And let’s have a blast with Eros and Eris journey as they complete their mission!

Prologue: (

Chapter 1:  (

Chapter 2:  (

Chapter 3:  (

Chapter 4:  (

Chapter 5:  (

Chapter 6:  (

Chapter 7:  (



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