She Died

She Died – Chapter 8

Kittens enjoy!

Chapter Eight


Eris Jane Trinidad

“Hmm, is Eros already awake?” I placed my index finger on my chin while walking towards Eros’s house. I was already wearing the uniform that was given to me by her sister. Eros and I are going back to school! Yehey!

I miss going to school.

When I was still alive, going to school was one of my favorites! No matter how hard the lessons and quizzes were, I still enjoyed every moment because I was in the company of my classmates who also later became my friends. At school, I don’t only learn from books, I also learn things about life.

Hay 2, I miss it.   

It’s one of the reasons why I want to be alive again. Lord, I wish I can still have a second chance. Not only me but also Eros- so that his life would be changed.

(Ding Dong)

“Eris! Good morning!” It was Ate3 Risa who opened the gate and allowed me to enter.

“Good morning to you too Ate Risa! Is Eros already awake?”

“No not yet. Do you want to wake him up?” I immediately nodded at her question and she brought me to Eros’s bedroom. I just directly went inside. Ate Risa said it’s okay not to knock since Eros can’t wake up with just a mere knock. 

I went near his bed. He has a certain sleeping position: face on top of the pillow while an arm is placed under it. I bent until I was near his ear, inhaled deeply and…

“Gooooood morning Eros!” 


Good thing I moved away just as  he fell from the bed because of the shock. Hihi. I intentionally did it so I can wake him up faster. 


“Chicken” I corrected him immediately because I felt that he would curse again. That’s the word which automatically comes out from his mouth every time he’s surprised or annoyed.

“Chicken shit! I’ll have a heart attack because of you! You know that I was sleeping-why did you shout?! You’re vexing!”  He stood up irritated.

“Eros, look at the time.” I pointed at the wall clock in his room. “We’re going to be late if you don’t  wake up fast, wash your face, take a bath and prepare yourself! Faster! We’re going to be late!”

I pushed him around so that he’ll move faster. I also had to stop him every time he sneaked back into his bed.

“Fine! Fine! Don’t push me, I’ll move already! Bwiset!5” He grabbed his uniform from the closet and directly went to the comfort room inside his room and slammed the door.

I was left waiting for him. I glanced around his room; there were no picture frames or photo albums on display. But surprisingly, his room was not too messy.

“Ero-ero! Don’t sleep! Hurry up! We might wind up late!” I knocked on the comfort room door, thinking that he maybe sleeping again. After that, I noticed his bed was still a mess and since I don’t have anything to do while waiting- I made it up. But when I was near his bed intending to grab his blanket, I saw something in the corner- near the wall… a small black thing lying down.

“Ha? What’s that?” Out of curiosity I approached it carefully. I was surprised when it lifted its head and uttered,”Meow!”


Because I was so happy and the kitten was irresistibly cute,  I lifted it up from the bed and carried it. “So that’s the reason why there was a twenty percent increase in the necklace last night! It’s delightful! I didn’t expect that Eros would go back and adopt you! I’m so happy!”

I couldn’t contain my happiness with what I saw and realized so when Eros went out from the comfort room, I immediately hugged him!

“Hey! Get away from me! I just finished taking a bath and you’re already spreading your germs on me!” he said while pushing me. I pouted.

“Eros! Eros! You’re so kind! Thank you for keeping the kitten!” I held the kitten back and showed him.

I saw that he was astonished and panicked, then his expression changed to being annoyed while his index finger was pointing at the kitten I was carrying. “Wha-what is that doing here? Wha-what keeping? I didn’t keep that! Maybe it followed me! I think that cat is possessed that’s why it’s in my house and room!”

I tried stopping my laughter because it’s too obvious that Eros is only acting annoyed. I know when his reactions are natural or not and right now I know that his reaction is just for show.

“You’re pretending ee!” I handed him the kitten and I lightly slapped his right arm. “Just admit it! You have a heart that can be soft sometimes.”

“Hey! What are you saying? Furthermore o-oy! Why are giving the cat to me? You know that I just finished bathing! Please take this! It’s so dirty! I’ll be filthy again!”

“Eee! Stop denying! It’s so clean. You gave it a bath right? And it doesn’t look hungry; you gave it food to eat, right? Ayee! You’re so sweet Ero-ero!”

“H-hey! Sweet your face! I said I don’t know how that cat arrived here! And quit calling me Ero-ero!”

“Hmph! Don’t be shy! You’re so confusing Eros. When you do bad things you’re not embarrassed about it but when you’re doing a good thing, you’re mortified? It should be the other way arounf! You should never feel embarrassed doing things that you know are good.”

“Remember, it’s always difficult to do good things than bad things. That’s why those difficulties, you should be proud of them. Since you know deep within yourself that you did the right thing.”

“Wha-whatever! I don’t know what you’re saying!” he said while placing the kitten back on the bed. Hay, I do know that he adopted the cat. He’s just shy to admit it. I don’t get why it’s  embarrassing, but that’s Eros- I guess he’s not used to the changes happening to him that’s why he’s still not proud of it. I can’t wait when the day comes that he can be proud of himself for doing good deeds.

“But look Eros! Twenty percent is added because of your good deed! It’s already forty-nine percent Eros! Fifty-one percent to go! We’re so close. Aren’t you happy?”

“Tsss!” that’s the only thing he said before he hurriedly turned his back. but for a second there, I thought I saw him smile.

* * * * * * * * * *



“Let’s name her Love!” while we were walking towards the classroom, I nagged him about the cat.


“We’ll name the kitten as Love. Isn’t it cute?”

“So gay. And why do you need to name it when it’s just a cat.”

“Even though it’s only a cat, it still has a life! Would you still be happy if you didn’t have a name?”

“Tss. Whatever you say.”

“So deal? Its name would be Love!”

“It’s baduy.” 6

“Then what name do you want?”


“Ha? Why annoying? That’s not a good name.” I pouted.

“Annoying because you’re annoying!”

“Oh well, its name would be Love! Tehehe!”

“Argh! You’re so annoying!”

* * * * * * * * * *

We reached the classroom and just as we entered- the class immediately quieted down. They were noisy before– I heard laughter and shouting while we were still at the hallway but… they became silent right after we entered. Almost all of them looked down and stopped whatever they were doing while we passed through.  It’s as if they were avoiding us … or just Eros? It’s as if they don’t like him or is afraid of him.

This is one of the things that needed to change. It would be nice if they don’t treat Eros this way. I know that it’s also his fault why his classmates view him like this. However, I also want them to change their views along with his changes. I want them to feel close to him, to laugh and mingle with him. And I also want that someday there would be someone he could treat as a friend from this class.

Lord, it’s not impossible for it happen, right? You told me that everyone deserves a second chance, that’s why I will believe in you.

Nothing much happened during morning class. As usual, Eros just slept but I forced him to be awake and to listen to the teacher which end up irritating him. Hay, it’s not enough for him to just go to school, he also needs to learn.

When lunch break came, Eros was called to go to the faculty room. I tagged along since I wanted to know why he was summoned. At first the teacher didn’t allow me to enter,  but in the end he relented because I was insistent.

“Mr. Magdayo, I’m sorry to say this but you won’t make it to the graduation again.”

“Do you really need to emphasize again?” He answered,  clearly pissed off. I was astonished-no! He can’t graduate? That means he’ll repeat for the third or fourth time? No!

“Wait Mr. Teacher! Why won’t he graduate? What’s the reason?” I asked.

“Lack of attendance. Poor grades.” He nonchalantly said, not showing any sadness about this news. Why is he a teacher but he doesn’t show any concern for his own student? He didn’t have to show such a stale reaction just because Eros has a bad attitude. That’s unfair! He should be fair to all of his students no matter what kind of personality and attitude they  have.

“Is that the only thing you’re going to say? I’m going now. This is boring.” Eros turned his back but I stopped him.

“Wait!” While I was grasping Eros clothes, I faced the teacher again. “Won’t he really have a chance to graduate?”

“None. His attendance is scarce and his grades are too low.”

“But, Mr. Teacher, won’t you give him a chance? I mean, I’ll make sure that he’ll strive to improve his grades with the remaining quizzes, exams, recitations, and etcetera.”

“It’s quite okay; however, his attendance really lacks. He won’t make it to graduation.”

“But… what if he can increase his grades and pass everything, will you allow him to graduate? But after that, he’ll make-up for his attendance by attending a summer class? Please po?7” I tried to bargain and I hoped it would work.

“I’m sorry. I don’t think that will work.”

“But, Mr. Teacher… Please po.  Please… Pa—ow!” I was surprised when someone held my arm and pulled me abruptly.

“What are you doing! You look stupid! Stop that already! You don’t need to beg for me!”

“But Eros—”

“If I can’t graduate, then I won’t! Is that a problem?”

“Yes Eros, it’s a problem! You have done this repeatedly, don’t you want to finish?”

“You know what the problem is? You! You meddle too much! What if I can’t graduate? Tsss!”

“Eros, wait!” He abruptly opened the door and walked out.

“Mr. Teacher, please consider it. Please po…” that’s the only thing I said before I ran outside and chased after Eros.

“Eros! Eros! Wait!” I was almost gasping for air, trying to follow him. He walked fast and his legs were much longer compared to mine, that’s why I struggled to chase after him even though I was already running.

He went to the rooftop, I followed him there.

“Are you my tail, or something? Why do you keep on following me? Bwiset!” he spoke while he sat on the floor and leaned on the wall.

I sat beside him and grabbed the cigarette he was lighting.  He got annoyed with what I did so he ended up shouting at me. 

“What the-? Give it back to me!”

The cigarette was already in my hand and I gripped it hard so that it would crumple in my palms. “Smoking kills.”

“I know. I’m not stupid. It’s written in the packaging.”

“Then why do you still do it?”

“Why do you care?”

“Do you also know that smoking kills those around you?”

“You’re already dead, right? So I can smoke. Badtrip, 8 you ruined my cigarette.” He pulled another stick from his pack of cigarettes but I immediately seized everything.

“Yes, I’m already dead but you’re still alive yet you’re killing yourself. Do you think what you’re doing is right? Do you think it’s justifiable for us who want to live longer? Think of your Ate Risa who wants to live longer but was only left with a limited time. On the other hand you–you still have a much longer time to live but you’re cutting it short?”

He didn’t answer. I bit my lip and sighed.

“Please Eros. You should beg.”

“What? Beg?”

“Beg  your teacher to give you a chance. Beg for him—”

“What? Do you think I’m stupid?”

“You should lower your pride for this instance. You need this Eros, so beg for it. It’s for your own good. You need to graduate. If you’re the one who will appeal to him, maybe he’ll think that you’re determined to pass and graduate. Maybe he’ll give you a second chance!”

“I don’t need to beg anyone!”

“What would you lose if you try it?”

He stopped for a while. He looked like he was thinking of an answer to my question but later he just answered, “Whatever!”

“Answer me Eros, what would you lose if you just try this once?”

He didn’t look at me. His head was lowered. He was silent.

“Hey Eros, answer me!” I shook his shoulders while I tried to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. “Do you know it was my dream to be able to graduate? But I died a month before graduation! I never made it…”

“I never made it, but you—you can still make it!” I shouted at him. “Do not be like that Eros. Do not deprive yourself. Allow yourself the luxury to do the things I can’t!”

“Please Eros, I beg of you. I want to see you graduate. Please Eros… Please. Please…” I continued shaking his shoulder while I was looking down, the tears started falling.

I stopped shaking him. I released his shoulders when I felt his hands on my face. He roughly swiped his hands down my face, as if wiping my tears.

“You look ugly when you cry.”  He stood up and dabbed his pants. “Stay here. Don’t follow me. I’ll be back.”

He started walking towards the door but paused, and with his back facing me he said , “Your God can cast magic right? Tell Him to cast His magic on my teacher so that he’ll listen to me.”

I couldn’t understand what he was trying to say to me. But when he finally closed the door to the rooftop and I was the only one left behind, I finally realized what he meant.

He wants me to pray for him, that Mr. Teacher would listen to his plea. He wants me to pray for him to have a second chance.

I smiled and looked above.

Lord, thank so much because Eros listened to my words.

I don’t know if Eros’s heart softened when he heard my story, prompting him to talk to his teacher;but, whatever the reason may be, I am happy.

He’s slowly changing. He’s not really a bad person. There is no one in this world that is pure evil. All of us have a heart.

Five percent was added. It’s already fifty-four percent; just a few more.

Ed (Irene): Oh we have a tsundere person here.


1 Yehey: Filipino word equivalent for Yahoo

2 Hay: onomatopoeia for a sigh

3 Ate (pronounced as: A-teh): Older Sister; derived from Fookien Chinese a-tsì meaning eldest sister

4 Pot-: the character intends to say potang/putang-ina/putang ina mo which literally translates to your mother is a bitch but should not be taken with its literally meaning since its meaning transcends depends upon usage. It may be used to express different kinds of feelings.

5 Bwiset: originally referred to someone who signify bad luck. It has evolved to to mean anything or anyone annoying, even a situation that frustrates you. You thought everything was going smoothly, then all of sudden something pops up. (Source:

6 Baduy: old-fashioned; someone who dresses out of fashion.

7 Po: A word added to make the sentence polite. Usually when speaking to elders or strangers.

8 Badtrip: is a local all-around expression of disenchantment or disappointment with a given situation, roughly equivalent to that other hippie perennial, “Bummer.” (Source:

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